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    Mind if I add this to my “The Crown of Nightmares“ post?


    (I wont add it until you say yes)

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Sure.  (The Crown of Nightmares gave me the idea actually)

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    Okay. Thanks!

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    WolffixDesign commented

    I like the idea, but this seems more fit as a mod, as it doesn't quite fit Minecraft's style. Then again, neither do Pandas...

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    AridPluto91 commented

    Honestly sounds Quite scary


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     WolffixDesign It is already a mod, actually there's several mods made that sound very similar to this. I think the witchery mod's dream world is the best rendition.

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    Maximised13 commented

    Almost like if you were to sleep then “teleport” to a new dimension of nightmares but you have slowness and any mob there won’t kill you but if it attacks, you wake up

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    Makaneek commented

    Awesome idea. maybe it would be more likely to happen if you eat rich foods like cake or chicken before bed...