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Tamed animal ownership transfer


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    Or they could add a method to select certain players that can share control of your pets.

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    Thats a good idea too. Perhaps both could be implemented.


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    Ela Jain commented

    ive thought about this before and understand where your coming from. voted.

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    GrasshopperDK commented

    It would make pet/animal shops on servers SO much easier. At the moment, I spend a few hours attaching leads to wolves, parrots, ocelots (the hardest) etc. Taking them to the shop and caging them.
    This causes the odd problem with cats. Because I can't exactly "sell" a specific colour cat?
    On friend just bought 8 cats to get her black one.
    Maybe crafting a leash and a name together? Leasing the pet, and "lashing" them to a player, similar to a pole? Would be more user friendly than specific name tag lines.
    Perhaps while holding a leashed animal, you could click on other players, as "friendly." Or perhaps again to turn off that privilege. Either way, absolutely voted, and shared!

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    DVa DVotee commented

    Voted!! This would be awesome because people in servers could RP being dog breeders or cat breeders!