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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture. No guns.





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    Check out this video: I see baobabs!


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    Hi, can you explain what you're looking for this to do? Generally when our team takes something to the wider team, they tend to ask "how will this add to Minecraft"?

    We want to help everyone have their ideas succeed. Thanks for your contribution!

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    I would like this to be added because it would add to the game by adding a varient of a savana, since the trees don’t have much wood, and don’t have a giant variety like the jungle or spruce, I think that unlike the birch (which is supposed to be cookie cutter and predictable for things like gardens) all trees have their special quirks, birch = decoration and predictability, jungle = tall, great for building tree houses, and can grow cocoa beans, oak = can grow in different ways and can drop apples, dark oak = thick base for lots of wood and great cover, spruce = dark wood, different leaves, and has variety for biomes like the podzol forests and just normal taiga, but then we come across the acacia, it does have variety, but it’s always in the same format, it doesn’t have anything special about it. My idea would balance out acacias lack of uniqueness. Not to mention, add a new possibility for a new type of savanas akin to real ones, I tried to make this tree fit Minecraft tree style, although, perhaps the leaves could be more rounded, I’ll leave that up to the developers if they choose my idea as good. It would add greater incentive to explore also. Since the acacia was a decorative tree that fits into both biome and decor, this would make this quality better. Does this suffice?

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    Yeah that helps a lot!

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    Glad I could clear things up!

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    It’s a little tall for a baobab.

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    Based on a google search, baobabs actually look a lot like the dark oak tree design.  Have a different model, but it should keep the 4x4 trunk and being relatively short for its width aspects.

    The issue with your example is it is too wide at the base and then slims down too much.  The canopy is pretty good, though.

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    TheMcExplorer commented

    Wow this might actually make me want to build a base in an Savanna biome. That's a lot coming from me, the Savanna biome is my least favorite. Ya its got cool stuff but its just so bland. I feel it really needs more to help it stand out.

    But I love the look of this tree! Kind of reminds me of the tree in Black Panther movie. The scene where the protagonist talks to his father in the afterlife.

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    Congrats to Baobab fans!  And nice description and image Claysoldier!


    There's question around forums if this tree will be a variant shape using Acacia Wood, or a new wood type.  I personally hope for a new wood block.  Otherwise it'll LOOK like a Baobab, but your inventory would call it Acacia.


    Clay's description and reasoning is very sound.  Acacia trees are unique in shape compared to other small 1x1 trees, but the landscape is just the same tree over and over.  Adding a large Baobab that's 4x4 would give Savannah builders a lot of wood.  (Similar to Dark Oaks, Spruce, and Jungle).


    Baobabs are endangered I believe.  By adding them to the game, it would teach players about the tree and conservation efforts to protect it.  Similar to how coral reef brought attention to its conservation.


    Baobabs do produce edible fruit, but from what I can find it seems to only be locally eaten?  You can buy it else where, but usually in powder form and from specialty websites.

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    Triteaum commented

    Like others would prefer as a new tree/block that's more realistic with 4 block base & tall!

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    PolarMammoth commented

    This would definitely improve the Savannah biome, I feel has a beautiful terrain gen (and for some reason taller mountains than extreme hills) but it does not feel warm and full of life, (as the grass is green it makes it feel like a cold British safari park) but the future upcoming savannah additions should improve it anyway.

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    Nor could you make hand tools with manchineel wood

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    RidingRiptide commented

    I think this would be a remarkable idea. Especially if it was added to all trees, as it would add more realistic trees.

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    Coral0357 commented

    This would be a very cool addition to Minecraft. One, it would make collecting wood easier. Two, there would be a higher chance of termites spawning when you break blocks from a Baobab.

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    amtimber8 commented

    I Think you should use stripped logs (possibly a mixture of birth, for the base, jungle, for the middle, and oak for the top with wide spread branches with small clusters of leave on the top). This will allow the tree to look more like an authentic baobab tree. The tree's wood also could decrease in size as the type change. you can also use jungle leaves to make the leaf clusters on the top of the widespread branches.

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    Aliya Hill commented

    In my opinion the trunk shouldn't slim down as much, since Boabab trees are pretty much giant wide sticks of tree, The canopy is really good though :D

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    Yeah they should do that right now in Minecraft you can only do a 2x2 with jungle

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    Is it just me or should Baobabs be their own tree? The acacia wood is not an exact representation of Baobabs, since they are two different tree species. It makes sense with Jungle trees, they are the same tree, just bigger. But Baobab trees and Acacia trees in real life look very different, whereas Acacia trees are very short and have leaves almost all over them, while Baobabs are very thick and have very few leaves (at least from what I can see). Therefore, it is of my opinion that Acacias and Baobabs should be separate, each with there own planks, slabs, etc.

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    Evan Bookout commented

    I don't even care that that is nothing like what a baobab looks like, that tree is gorgeous.

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    Oscar Hagen commented

    very good idea!


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    yoop gim commented

    arnt baobabs more round from the bottom to the middle of the trunk like an oval shape

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    wowiamaking commented

    Forse sarebbe meglio fare l'alberello di baobab che si pianta solo nel deserto.

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    I'm so glad that at some point these are going to be added to the game, as well as palm trees! Great idea that you pitched and I'm so glad that it's going to be added to the game! I bet you are too! I think they'll be a really cool addition to the game!

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    Well, If baobabs até what I thinking (that african large tree) they don't have leaves ir any thing on that kind...