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Pitch to make rabbits tameable


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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Just lure a rabbit into a cage made of iron bars to have a pet rabbit.

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    Rabbits were originally tameable.  I assume that they changed that for a reason.  Probably because a rabbit following you around is just going to get killed and serves no purpose.

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    Evan Diaz commented

    What would rabbits do? Maybe dig up rare seeds or something.

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    I think this is a great Idea. The rabbits don't have to follow you all the time, they could be non-teliporting pets! This way your sweet bunny bunns can follow you on a nice walk, or just stay home. I used to have a pet rabbit too, and she followed me everywhere!

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    fruityass21 commented

    And also tamed cats should not kill the tamed rabbits.

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    Auseawesomer commented

    I want variants too