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Reindeer (aka caribou)


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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I think deer would be better than reindeer.  I don’t think they should be ridden, though.

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    Nox cgt commented

    Alright, so for some reason, my caribou suggestion made 2 months prior to yours was removed so I'm just gonna repost the whole thing in the comments here:

    Model by MCvinnyq#7463 on Discord.

    Caribou are peaceful, antlered mammals that spawn in forests and cold biomes such as taiga or ice plains. What's great about caribou is that both males and females grow antlers, so in Minecraft, they can easily be ambiguous.

    Much like turtles, caribou have set "home" biomes. An idea I've considered is that the caribou could have two home biomes so they can migrate like they do in real life, but there would be an issue with chunk-loading. So I think it would be best if caribou just had a set home where they graze; then they can wander off and then come back every few days.

    Caribou can be tamed with carrots to become Reindeer which can be ridden and can carry saddlebags. What's special about reindeer is that they can move especially fast through snow biomes.

    Much like how chickens lay eggs, caribou could infrequently shed their antlers. Antlers can be used to convert obsidian blocks into Obsidian Shards; whether that conversion is via crafting or mining is up to the developers. It'd be fine if it was by breaking obsidian as long as the player can't craft obsidian blocks with the shards.

    Antlers can also be used as heraldry in banners!

    Caribou will also drop Raw Venison, which when cooked is slightly better than Steak. Leather will also be dropped.

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    I think reindeers were mention a few years ago that the developers were interested in.

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    Mc Rat commented

    I think Minecraft should have sleds that you can use on snowy biomes. You would be able to use leads with  Reindeers and sleds to travel faster.

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    Mc Rat commented

    Sad that his never happened btw