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Hostile Barbarians


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    How do they spawn?  Are they generated with their structures and don't spawn after (like Illagers)?  Do they spawn in their structure (like Wither Skeletons)?  Do they spawn generally like normal hostile mobs?

    The one interesting idea for me is that they raise animals.  Does this mean that if you could catch and trap one in a pen with animals that they would breed them for you?

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    Mc Rat commented

    I'd like to see a type of Neutral Villagers instead of another Hostile type, since Vindicators & Pillagers already exist.

    Basically a village that can defend itself against stealing or violent players and hostile mobs

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    garbinardal10 commented

    These are kind of just a combination of hard mode zombies, vindicators and the upcoming pillager. Maybe have what Mc rat said, neutral PNJ's. Maybe the barbarians could be replaced with a type of illager that have a reason for attacking the player. Maybe [PNJ name here] castles, with different types of illager-like enemies that only attack if you enter the fort. Or, for a more peaceful version, they could basically be the overwerlds zombie pigmen, allied together attacking any threats. An even more- Ok I'm gonna stop here because this idea deserves its own page.

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    JetAgenda0307 commented

    Maybe the pillagers could pillage them to! Or they could ally with the pillagers.