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The deer


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  • Official comment

    (FYI, redwood forests have been moved to Previously Considered Feedback upon consultation with the team. ~nb)

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    It should be very fast, but with low enough health to be killed by a fully charged arrow.  Also, it should spawn in all forest biomes.

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    And it would be cool if you could hang it's horns on your wall.

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    Nato 2509 commented

    could be neutral? I mean, if we attack them it will counterattack with their antlers and also it could drop raw deer

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    Umija5895M commented

    Why just in forests? IRL deer range pretty much anywhere? Also should not drop leather, but perhaps some meat that could be cooked. Antlers a good idea but then what are those used for?

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    thomas devlin commented

    Minecraft could always use more wildlife, I'm on board

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    Seb 103 commented

    They could spawn in Roofed Forest and Taiga biomes.

    The Deer could be a little smaller than the Stags, and have small horns.

    The Stag could have impressive-looking antlers.

    If they are killed, they could drop a new meat; 'Venison'.

    The Stags could sometimes fight each other which would make loud crashing sounds as they head-butt each other repeatedly until one of them looses their antlers, which could be picked up and used as decoration.

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    Naokideer commented

    Yes!!! I've wanted deer in minecraft since I first started playing. I think there should be different designs for bucks, does, and fawns, and you should only be able to get antlers from the bucks.I think they should appear in all forest biomes though, not just redwood.

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    JCreeper18 commented

    I think it should drop venison (Deer meat).

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    mocharules12 commented

    Maybe you could make the deer trust you and only males should drop antlers