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Removing Blocks in Creative Mode


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  • Official comment

    While this is a great general suggestion, can you help with more information? What do you define as "legitimate"? Without specifics of what you're looking for, it makes it difficult to guess what you mean (and we don't want to guess wrong).

    Are you looking for a command?

    A block?

    A better input method or something?

    Thanks, it will help us express your idea to the team in an actionable way.

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    noob1884 commented

    I have read a comment earlier (I think about how many holes there are in the landscapes) that could be solved by this idea so that's a definite vote for me :)

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Just use /fill.  I consider it the most useful command.

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    Chris Santore commented

    @Bilbo Baggins. I'm playing on PS4 right now. Need something legitimate in the form of an update.

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    Chris Santore commented

    @Nova "inkykatz" Barlow When I say legitimate I mean an official update to Minecraft (console versions especially) ideally in the form of a command in creative mode.  The best way I can think is to allow the player to choose the length, width, and height of the desired build area by placing corner blocks and treating the command as an autofill/paintbucket tool of the specified block type for the designated area.  It would allow the player to terraform quickly, thus allowing the player to have more time enjoying the fun parts of the game.  Let me know if I can specify any further.

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    That's really helpful, thank you! (It also gives people more context if they want to vote on your idea.)

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    I think it's a great idea.

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    Very simple;]

    1] Note down the coordinates of the corners of the space

    2] /fill command!

    /fill is very very useful for placing or removing large sections of blocks

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    I suspect the idea here is to have a creative-only tool that allows for the placing and removing of blocks in sections without using commands.  It would probably have to be two items, one for placing and one for removing.  Something like the fill command might in reality be very simple to use, but there are people who don't even consider commands as an option for whatever reason.

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    You mean world edit?