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    OcelotsAreCool7 commented

    This is so helpful!

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    CtrlAltCuteness commented

    I agree but it will be more helpful if it was:

    /locateentity <player-name | target-selector>

    Currently, (on Bedrock,) this is the most reliable way, yet can also cause a player to die (due to stopping horizontal as well as vertical momentum, including if jumping over a large gap):

    /execute <target> ~ ~ ~ tp ~ ~ ~

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    Flamingcactus86 commented

    I really like this idea! it would make that much easier. This can be done currently, however, by using /data get entity PLAYERNAME Pos, which outputs something similar to the following:

    PLAYERNAME has the following data: [xd,yd,zd]

    This command would make this process much more streamlined.

    I do suggest not using /locate, as this is used for structures and not entities, so a different command would make more sense.