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Wolves will howl during a full moon


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    Wolves howl when they hunt.

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    bul3l3licious commented
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    Clean Water commented
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    I think this is a great idea, but also, the moon should do phases, making the occasion rare, but also, maybe if you're in a certain radius of the howl, it acts as a beacon for a minute or two and gives you a new effect called Lunar hunger. This gives you better speed and jumping, but if you don't kill 1-3 things before the effect ends, your dog will attack you until you have 3 hearts left. This could be a feature that can be toggled via command, and would really spice up the game. 

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    D3ADSH0T4954 commented
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    This will actually be very cool to have wolves howl. Im pretty sure that that will make minecraft WAY more interesting and maybe scary than it already is. AGREED?