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Villages count beds instead of doors


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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    What if I break all the beds in the village?  What if I leave a bed outside at night?

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    PigInASuit999 commented

    They’d probably die.

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    Few other remarks on this idea.

    1. It's less computationally expensive to calculate the presence of a bed than a house.

    2. It's more flexible. Hello dwarven villages deep underground.

    3. Each villager can claim a bed for their own, and go to bed at night. If a villager doesn't have a bed it will head for the nearest unassigned bed. Note - a bed that is a respawn point is assigned to the player. This also should prevent the cluster bug where all the villagers try to cram into one house in the center of the village.

    It does break the stupid iron golem farms, but the makers of those can come up with new designs.

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    PlumCheetah9 commented

    Additonal bonus would be the simple fact that it would look more realistic if the villagers actually slept instead of just standing in a corner all night.


    Answering Bilbo Baggins: The same thing would happen as if you broke all the doors in a current village. If you built beds outside (presumably without walls) you would get the same result as if you built your village houses like this - current mechanics does not require houses to have any walls.

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    RetroXZ / commented

    thats really good! also baby villagers would only spawn when there is another unused bed on village.

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    Looks like this has been implemented.

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    This is already a thing in game, how does this not have an updates or announced tag