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A clever new use for bats | A long needed and minor update


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    Java Dragon commented
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    Attacking spiders is a great idea for bats! Also, I really want to see bats spawn and fly up in the skies! But it doesn't really occur to me why they should spawn near lava pools. Maybe having them avoiding heat, fire and lava would make more sense. Also, it would probably be useful the same way, like "Oof, there is a bat down there, so there is no lava around!"

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    Zamfield commented
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    Maybe near underground water

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    blitzdragon3 commented
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    I like the idea but as Henrik said Bats avoid lava and light, so maybe the sight of a Bat should mean there is no lava around.

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    i think focusing more on bats is a wonderful idea! your suggestions made me think of something; bats leading you to a mineshaft by giving them berries (i think bats eat some berries?). it'd make sense as they spend the most time in caves, and theyd still be able to avoid light, like they do in the current gameplay.

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    neev geffen commented
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    First of all, I love the idea. Second, I believe bats could be used for even more mechanics;
    Bats should appear more at night, hunting for food. This could come in handy, if a player is attacked by a spider the bats will save him.
    And bats are, like bees, pollinators. Which means that the could come to your crops and make them grow faster.
    Did you know that bats also eat bees? I’d love to see a bat attacking a hive at night. He will only kill one bee, but he’ll also stop by and pollinate the area.
    At last, I’d love to have a mob that takes a grown crop and replants it, while leaving you the food it grown. I think it would be a cool mechanic to add to bats and update them as mobs.