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Ability to choose if we want to block 4D Skins


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    TheMcExplorer commented
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    I agree completely! I've been working hard on 4d skins of some of my favorite characters from other games. (one being a Lynel from Zelda's BotW) But now they are useless. I loved walking around as a centaur with a lion head!

    The fact that they took them away again because of people being able to shrink their skins to gain an unfair pvp advantage is outrageous only because its already handled with on public servers. they can make it so you can only use the Steve model. I've has this done to me. My skin didn't work on the server. It showed up as a blank Steve skin. So in short, the problem doesn't exist! Servers are already able to disable custom 4d skins. As you said, We should be allowed to use them on our privet worlds and servers at the very least.

    I do hope they figure out a way to allow 4d skins again.

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    I think they should stay in servers, but, you can enable/disable them on singleplayer, local multiplayer and Realms. So I agree with half of this but I will still vote for it.

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    RSRedstonier commented
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    How can you even create a 4d skin? its currently impossible to render any 4d shape stationary so the skin would constantly be morphing around you to give the illusion of 4d

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    Entity 202s commented
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    I would appreciate 4d skins as well people.