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Removal of weapon cooldown


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    RobotZap10000 commented
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    1.9 severely nerfed autoclickers

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    I disagree with cooldowns. I would, however agree with energy. If you attack in real life, over time you get tired and attacks aren't as effective. I would say have an energy level for fatigue.

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    RSRedstonier commented
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    Yeah but thats good. Autoclickers are cheating.

    pre1.9 you only spam clicked your mouse and starifed. Not fun. Besids if you dont like the new combat just remove it with command blocks, mods, of even plugins. Its an extreamly easy thing to remove

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    TigerLACK commented
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    They should add it as a gamerule so it can more easily be turned off

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    "1.9 severely nerfed autoclickers."

    Ah yes, let's completely ruin PvP for everyone else because of a few autoclickers. As someone who plays bedrock edition (primarily for better PvP mechanics), I deal with my fair share of autoclickers, there have even been instances of what I like to call autoclicker festivals, where a bunch of autoclickers will create a faction and take over a server for a little bit. Here's the thing though, they get banned. I'd rather occasionally have to fight someone who has an advantage over me than to not be able to play at all. If anything, people who autoclick on Kit PvP servers are inadvertently helping me improve at PvP, whereas their skill set stays the same.