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How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs - spamming lists of animal names is spam and violates our posting guidelines. Be sure to check the Previously Considered Suggestion page (no sharks) before you post!


The Mythos Dimension – Non-Humanoid Mobs


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    Spirits should only be able to be attacked with potions and magic like the potion of harming. 

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    I could see that being reasonable.  The main way of killing them and other immune creatures is with a staff or a spelled weapon, but potion damage would be another way to do it, albeit less convenient.

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    TheMcExplorer commented

    In mythology Wyverns are frequently seen with a poisonous barb on their tail. Have you considered adding one to your Wyverns or do you feel it wouldn't fit the feel your going for?

    Also what if witches could spawn on the backs of wyverns? Since there is very little chance of mojang adding broomsticks anytime soon this is most sertainly the next best thing in my opinion. Would also be cool if witches could pull out a witch dagger the way vindicator pulls out an axe. Just a thought.

    Finally I was looking at the taming method. I like the idea you came up with but I also feel just holding a gold ingot is a cheaty way to disable the Wyvern. Considering how easy it is to come across gold in the overworld. It would remove their fear factor. One possible idea is they could have nests that you could attempt to rob. Raising the egg as your own, letting the baby Wyvern imprint on you.

    Those are just a few ideas I thought I'd throw out there. I absolutely love the idea of the mythos dimension. I do hope to see it added in game. Especially the wyverns. You don't know how hard it actually is to try to add them through add-ons until you've tried for yourself. The parrot doesn't have a walking animation and the bat never stops flapping unless it's hanging upside down. We definitely need a land+air mob.

    Whew! Need to take a breath. Again Love the idea! Hope to see it added. Good luck! You have my vote!

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    Sonicrushfive commented

    Love the Wyvern idea! They are all the buzz today! Hopefully Mojang jumps on the bandwagon!

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    o.O  I didn't realize that wyverns were especially popular recently.  I just wanted to add the "rideable dragon" that people keep asking for without it being a copy of the Ender Dragon. x3

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    I've actually never heard of wyverns having a poisonous barb.  I'm not sure that would fit.

    Witches (the hostile overworld mob) aren't a thing in Mythos, and Wyverns aren't going to spawn in the overworld, so I don't think that Witches mounted on Wyverns would make sense.  The Good Witches of Mythos wouldn't use the tainted Wyvern as a mount either.

    I'm honestly not very good at coming up with creative taming methods (I ended up giving up with the Unicorn, after all xP ).  So I would not mind if the devs or someone else came up with something better.  The gold method could also be less overpowered, such as holding gold could only give you a short reprieve and a Wyvern that has been given gold is only mollified for a short time so that the taming would be more dangerous.

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    Braedyn Vest commented

    I would like to see a witch design...