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Recipe book for brewing stands


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    iceman42dave commented

    I agree with the recipe book for potions. Having to log out to check the Wiki for recipes is a pain (realm servers boot me if I pause go off screen for more than a few seconds). Fortunately, I've been playing long enough that I know the recipes by heart, but it would help a lot of people.

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    Why does this post not have more votes?

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    BAW183 commented

    I like this idea. Maybe we could extend this to anvils and enchanting table. We could even extend this to the new 1.14 blocks.

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    Blast Burner commented

    How interesting.

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    leondsl commented

    Yes and no: 

    Please do not forget that one big part of Minecraft always was "finding-out-how-stuff-works". It would be good to have the recipes written somewhere in a secret book, as described here:


    As soon as a player has taken a finished certain potion out of the brewing stand, it would then appear in your described "brewing stand inventory recipe book". This way, new players would still have to discover the recipes before they appear in there.

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    Impulse Rumbl commented

    I really want this. I hate having to go on a website to check recipes

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    Ktoś XD commented

    there are reciped for all the other blocks(furnaces and crafting benches) so it should be in brewing stand

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    Galiantus commented

    As  leondsl said, yes and no. Part of the fun of the game is in having to learn how to do things. Although it is more convenient having recipe books, the first time a player crafts an item it should be out of experimentation or because they learned the recipe from a book they found in a dungeon.

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    jonhxourpou commented

    i really want that to happen because i am afraid i will do a mistake so i seach every time in minecraft wiki before i make a potion ..please make is happen!!!

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    Charles Jay commented

    This is how it looks like.