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Iron golems and water


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    They already kind of do this...  They don't sink "really quickly", but they do sink decently fast.  I don't think not being moved by water would be a good idea.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented
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    They should move through water as fast as on land, since they have a really high weight to size ratio.  Also, if they land on a mob, it should damage the mob like a falling anvil.

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    iceman42dave commented
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    I have a pond in my village, and sometimes the golems get stuck on the bottom of it. I call it "The Pond of Shame" because they look really sad in the Norse pack sitting down there all alone with these sad looks on their faces. Makes one wonder what they did to get put in the Pond of Shame. LOL

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    Elektrika - commented
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    or they take damage and rust