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(Bedrock Mobile) Add aiming crosshair when holding any throwable item


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    Bilbo Baggins commented
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    Yes, please.  While battling the enderdragon, it is absolutely necessary to hit the target on the first try while throwing an enderpearl.  I usually have to throw three or four.

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    This sounds like a significant oversight on Mojang's part, voted.

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    MuffinMaker28 commented
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    The struggle is real for us bedrock users.

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    Dwemeow commented
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    You know when you hold a fishing rod and have this bar above the hotbar thats says "fish", and when you press on it you can use the rod? Well I though that that should be added to enderpearls, snowballs ect to make it faster and easier to use them, since we moblie players have to press down for it to throw. I'm just adding this because I think it would be a good addition along with what you said, which I strongly support.