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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Things that are too similar to existing mobs or just variations on a theme probably should be avoided. You know you're veering too far into this when you're like "it's a X, but (feature) instead". 

    This feedback is incomplete and not really useable by our team in its current form. Can you explain what you're looking for? What would they do? What makes them unique?

    We want to help everyone have their ideas succeed. Thanks for your contribution.

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    TippiestComet63 commented

    It's rough but I see where your going with this. Instead of making a new underwater village and villager type lets go with a new "intelligent" mob called the Gill. They would resemble mirpeoples (mirmaides) and hunt the drowned similar to endermen and endermites, wolves and skeles etc. A chance to spawn near ruins or wrecks in small numbers and they can be dolphin jockeys at will, mounting and dismounting. The nautilus shell is easily obtained by fishing or the drowned farms so why not use shells, fish, coral etc as trades for a new unique item only available from the Gill. They could be attracted to the conduits power and gather near ocean side villages seeming to attempt interactions with Villagers.

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    Thomas Brown commented

    That is a really cool idea!

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    mike78504 commented

    Yeah I think Gillagers could be like villagers but underwater and poses different routines and behaviors unlike the villagers...

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    ItsmePatrick Updates commented

    They are more like mermaid villagers or aquatic villagers

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