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Trash can in inventory


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    T is already the default key for chat, I believe.

    Why does Minecraft need this? You could just dig a hole in the ground and put all your junk in some chests. Or throw it in lava. Or just toss it out and wait for it to despawn. There are many ways to deal with this problem, so I don't see how your idea adds anything of value.

    Also, I'm afraid people will accidentally move valuable tools to their trash all the time with this feature. I wouldn't want that to happen.

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    This exists in the the creative inventory so it's just a matter of copy and paste, as well as extending the background. This is more of a user interface topic.

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    BB6amer commented

    even in survival and creative, as much as it is easy to delete in creative, just lava, in survival this is harder to do, and just dragging and dropping in the trash would be simpler, its a nice idea, even though it was already in Java, it wouldn't hurt for Bedrock to use this as well...

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    TubsO28 commented

    I see now bad coming from this feature other than an accidental press of whatever key or button is pressed. But if you mirror what Terraia does it just holds the item until the next one is thrown away. Yes, you already can throw stuff in a hole or lava, or some restone contraption, but why not let everyone have the option to do that than just saying "NO", more options the better in my book. 

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    Matej Mráz commented

    WONT ADD IT!!!!!

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    Deiro Herat commented


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    The concept of a "trash can" does not really fit to survival. You can't just make an item disappear without using it up.

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    Personally why this wasn't already implemented when it already was a feature (in creative) is beyond me and if implemented would benefit greatly.