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Tinkerer Villager


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    and slimeballs :D

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    I think he should trade for slime balls and blocks but not sell them to players. Slime is more rare and invloves some effort from the player to get. Maybe it is a little to rare on console.

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    iceman42dave commented

    If he will buy redstone, I'm all for it. I have chestsful of redstone blocks I will never use.

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    Adam Swales commented

    If this were to happen he would give higher prices for items that use more resources. You could also sell redstone blocks to him.

    Maybe his building could have a door with a pressure plate exit (A piston door would also be cool, but would likely give you too much resources.)

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    J03YK4NG4R002 commented

    Slime locator

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    Buys Gunpowder, Sells TnT

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    Dagans Mind commented

    I LOVE this idea! I think it would make finding redstone materials easier.