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Importing Mods


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    I don't think it's that easy.  They are coded using different languages.  Also, despite looking like the same game on the surface, they are very different underneath.  So I don't think you can just import a mod from java to bedrock.

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    Tonl YT commented

    would take forever to code.

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    Kratos Hero56 commented

    Mas eu acho que toda a hora tem que usar app para jogar Minecraft com mods e mais fácil ter no próprio Minecraft

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    BB6amer commented

    I love the idea, really, I made a modpack that took me close to a year to make, but I don't think its just that easy... If Minecraft were to have a launcher type thing or add something that goes through Minecraft and enables mod importing, just like Blocklauncher, but built-in. It'll take a while to make, but it's not THAT hard. Its possible, very possible, just not easy...

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    First of all, most mods are programmed in Java.  It is possible to do it in Python (I have done it), but those mods are usually directly modifying Minecraft itself and can bypass having to load in the mod.

    Second, I think that you guys are looking for Minecraft Forge as a mod loader.


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    ryan m commented

    This would be a very nice touch for console edition. as a play station 4 gamer i am pretty sure that everyone will be loving the game more and more sales would maybe come out of it. not saying scripting mods are easy but this would be amazing for console every were. thx for reading this note. :) 

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    I think this would be awesome since other games that take more work have already imported thousands of mods for multiple games and both PS4 and Xbox one.

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    DabestGamrYT commented

    They Absolutely must add this ability because people who want to mod CAN'T

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    BoscoChungYT commented

    This idea is the best idea ever and can change the game FOREVER if success!

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    laneb228 commented

    Yea I made my own mod but i need a minecraft launcher but i made it on my phone

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    Hope Mojang can do somthing about this because it took me 45 days to try and get mods but I gave up.I tryed youtube but there video was to hard to figure out. So please for the love of please Mojang do somthing about it god 45 days pleas. If u made it easier for people to download mods on console then ur game might get better raiting please replay im making a stand about this jesus 45 days mojang.sinelrly LegendsTroller

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    YESINDEED420 commented


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    I don't know how to import mods onto my pc I've been trying to look for the girlfriend and lightsaber mod when I found something on the web that involved downloading the mods those always end up in a dead end.