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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Carpet upgrades


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    Driversrock31 commented

    Yeah, on stairs would be awesome! Must place into the shape of the stair but ontop of it!

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    DopeyLori commented

    Especially would be great to be able to put a flower pot on carpet on a block like a bookshelf or slab like a shelf

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    PrincessTycie commented

    I would like carpets to lay on stairs and slabs so that we can have carpeted stair cases and such

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    They should be suspend-able as well (don't break when they lose their block)

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    Redtopz85 commented

    Definitely should be able to place them on stairs and slabs!

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    Feral Asar commented

    Yeah I'd definitely would like this! As it would add so much more to the game, and make builds more interesting. It'd be also cool to make them suspendable, and make it possible to put it on top of things like a bookshelf or crafting table, even better if it was possible to also put things on top of them also.

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    Tony4FrHost10 commented

    They could solve it like the water with waterlog, but then with

    example carpetlog:off or carpetlog:blue

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    Kylie W commented

    I'd love to be able to add carpet on stairs and slabs as well as underneath doors and fences! It'd make building floors with carpet a lot more fluid 

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    Blast Burner commented

    Why isn't this under review?! This would expand building creations!

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    yoop gim commented

    it should also have different patterns like terracota the red one should have a red carpet disign NOT like just red i mean the red carpet that faumous people walf down from the limo in the movies .the lime one should be citrus themed . the black one might have this  emblem ( the yoop emblem which is somthing a created my self its shown below0 and so on

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    If carpet upgrades don't happen then at least have woolen stairs and slabs. something like that would be so much easier to implement.

    though I do agree, having these kinds of upgrades for carpets you be great

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    Lucas Fuller commented

    In my opinion, I would love to see carpets that you can place under doors and around fence posts!

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    grederik commented

    Carpets should at least be placable like item frames

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    dklebedev commented

    I'd like to place any block on top on carpets, rather than see them float in the air.

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    Sam Bousfield commented

    I love this idea it'll bring cool castles design 

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    T1meTraveler commented

    I would love to see carpets on pressure plates.

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    Definitely not similar to my idea. But I will suggest it here just because I was told to. ☹️ Suggest to add that when carpet is placed inside an item frame it Should cover the whole block as an item.