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Oculus Go version?

under review


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  • Official comment

    Hey friends! The quest post is here:


    Update: September 2019


    I have news from our team regarding Oculus Go/Quest:

    While we have decided against a Java client for these platforms, we are still monitoring interest in a Bedrock version for these platforms.

    This information has been added to our Previously Considered Suggestions list with the reason above.

    We appreciate everyone's great input on this topic, and look forward to continuing the discussion on this topic. That said: 

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    d1360l00p commented

    Make Minecraft in VR mobile great again, like VIvecraft did! with PC VR java version mods and stuff

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    TheMemosis commented

    Minecraft on Oculus Go is a must! Come on, guys, let's make it happen!

  • Avatar
    PopTart786 commented

    Please make a port! I’d be able to play way more often!

  • Avatar
    soujoubou commented

    This seems like such a no-brainer for Mojang, super simple port, minimal code changes… they should see if they can sell a co-branded Go.

  • Avatar
    Chris Chris commented

    Minecraft is needed on the Oculus Go. It should of been one of been there right from product launch...

  • Avatar
    HumboldtVR commented

    Minecraft multiplayer would be fantastic on a Go!  Thank you for considering increasing the priority of this project.

  • Avatar
    RavenX185 commented

    @soujoubou Oh I would so TOTALLY buy a creeper or dirt-block skinned Go with Minecraft pre-installed!

  • Avatar
    PigskinPlague commented

    If this comes, this would be a release day purchase for many!

    Gamepad support is a must, but Go pointer controls would be nice as well.

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    silverfire211 commented

    As long as we're talking about getting this on the Go, why not also fix the login issues? Either way, I'd love to have this on the Go without having to sideload it; my son always wants to use my Gear VR to play Minecraft in VR, and I dislike playing it on the iPad, lol. (We play together in local multiplayer.)

  • Avatar
    Vortechs44 commented

    Would absolutely love to be able to play an official Minecraft port for the Oculus Go. Please make it happen :)

  • Avatar
    kanttii commented

    Please do this, I'd absolutely LOVE to play Minecraft on my Go! Thank you very much in advance.

  • Avatar
    steshep commented

    I've never played Minecraft but I would start if it were on Go. Seems like the perfect platform for a game like that.

  • Avatar
    adam coss commented

    This has to be a priority. Not having Minecraft is nearly a deal breaker for Oculus Go. It's what the kids want

  • Avatar
    radricho commented

    @M3RC1L3SSQT1P Wow, excellent!  Please do share how to get Minecraft going for the Go.

  • Avatar
    TalonPage commented

    My wife and kid keep bugging me to play minecraft with them , but I told them not until its officially on the go. Minecraft vr is the only way I can enjoy minecraft. I do have it side loaded on to my go but it is so lonely by my self.  

  • Avatar

    Hope MS can make the Minecraft on Oculus Go work with the VR controller.

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    OniRice20 commented


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    xeroxfive commented

    Minecraft was the primary reason I bought a GO at launch. A bummer that it still does not exist but fingers crossed. I've bought MC many times over for many different systems but would gladly pay for it yet again for the GO.

  • Avatar
    MrSandman2016 commented

    Minecraft on Oculus Go is a must!

  • Avatar
    OliCarson commented

    Yes. Please.

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    moscartong commented

    I hate playing MC on mobile, the screen is so tiny and UX is so unintuitive. VR should be the ONLY major platform for open world games like MC and Oculus Go is the easiest way to enter VR. Pls support Oculus Go!!!!

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    I don't have an oculus go helmet, but I can't stand to see how the owners of these helmets can't play minecraft, so I voted to release the game on Oculus go helmets

  • Avatar
    Alex Legg commented

    Yes! Minecraft on the Go, it needs to be done!

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    1.2 million oculus Go headset have now been sold, it is a simple port if mahjong would like to make some money.

  • Avatar
    FALLOUT3OY commented


    So desperate to play this I tried to sideload but I get stuck at the packet capture part ☹️

  • Avatar
    oliactivate commented

    I find so many games on the Go are good in the short term but lack the long term appeal that building your own Minecraft city could bring. I'm sure my son would convince his friends to buy the Go if they could all play in local multiplayer together at someone's house.

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    qingmuhy commented

    I like Minecraft and also i want to play it on coulus go.

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    nimatoed commented

    Please add Oculus Go support!  Everyone wants it!

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    @fallout3oy got stuck the first time too, but sideloading worked with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tzED1FS32A&feature=youtu.be ... still, would prefer an official version, as I am sure the Go's controller could be used more intelligently