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Oculus Go version?

under review


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    Flintlock70 commented

    With recent release of the Oculus Quest, it would seem like a great time to put in the work to make this happen for both the GO and Quest. Minecraft in VR is a terrific experience (I've used Vivecraft for years on PCVR) that should be experienced by users of the mobile based VR HMD's. Make it so.

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    Toofeh commented

    We all want the java edition version because of the mods and just overall (imo) better gameplay. Please make it like vivecraft

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    VoltaicCman commented

    Sideloading the Gear Version I bought doesn’t work for me. I would totally buy a Go version for my Quest or maybe you guys could slip a Quest version in there too ;)

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    kjtaylor13 commented

    I would like to add that not only should there me a Go Version but a Quest version too, as I own both and would love to play on both devices.



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    Bring it to Oculus Quest as well, I want to be able to swing my pickaxe with my arms :)

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    Uthman Sharif commented

    Whilst you are at it, make it compatible for the Quest aswell!!! Would get it in an instant!

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    KingSniper984 commented

    We need it on the Quest as well!! It would be fantastic there, and would sell crazy. A ton of people want it on that device.

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    Daddoo1966 commented

    I'd like to see this on the Oculus Quest as well.

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    Nelavik commented

    We need need an official Oculus Quest Version too. Would be an instant buy for me :)

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    kwartnik commented

    If this happens, please make it compatible with the QUEST / Touch controllers.

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    The Phorpey commented

    A version for Oculus Quest as well would be much appreciated.

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    SlippedPit535 commented

    Would love to see this come to both Go and Quest with the Quest version leveraging the Touch controllers for at least basic controller input.

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    jacobputnam commented

    I wouldn't hesitate even for a second to buy this

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    Haliburton commented

    Given it *WORKS* when you cram it into the device, playing Minecraft on the GO shouldn't be so difficult. Work out the licences, and grant the masses access. Please. 

    I would even re-buy the game. Again. For the sixth time. But I want it on my OGo, given my GearVR was basically dead inside Year1 and given I take the OGo EVERYWHERE with me.

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    MopingMan commented

    Give us MINECRAFT!

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    yoyodrago commented

    You can side-load Minecraft Gear VR onto the Go if you bought a copy of MC from the Gear VR store, but who wants to do that? you have to make a dev account for Oculus and install the game from your PC onto your Go via ADB, (after you get the apk file ofc) Oculus Go runs on Android and the Oculus Go store has a ton of Gear VR games, it's just a matter of making the game available on the Oculus Go store, it's already compatible with the Go, I've tried it. (Also, dont use a DS4 controller, your player just spins in circles)

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    Killlmore commented

    Yes please. Oculus Go version.

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    teczowygosciu commented


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    black incery commented

    I think if Mojang ported it to anything, it would be the occulus quest. The reason is the occulus go doesn't mimic any other movement except looking around, nmeanwhile the Oculus quest allows you to move around which I think is necessary