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Slimes should join back together


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    McKeyla Jay commented

    Yes but only in hard/hardcore mode please :)

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    I totally agree


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    Mc Rat commented

    Great idea for a slime buff, and makes them more interesting

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    I’m completely agreeing as slimes are not seen as a proper threat in Minecraft not only because of their rarity but because of the ease by which players can cleanly dispose of the green menace. 

    Smaller slimes (especially the ones that don’t do damage to the player) combining into a larger slime would be a beneficial change to this mob.

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    This could even be interesting if them being combined together worked on the larger slimes too, allowing you to create gigantic slimes if you tried.

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    But wouldn't they be Impossible to kill because they will keep joining back up and becoming a Big slime again and then you will have to kill the big slime again.

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    Luke Kelly commented

    Did you get this from grown or did you just have the same idea as him? Either way you have my vote!