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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture. No guns.


Trident Repair

under review


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    brenn boyer commented

    Good use for prismarine, voted!

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Hmm... I think it’s a decent idea.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    I love this idea, it makes total sense.

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    ItsDEADSPARKZ commented

    Yes prismarine is kinda useless rn. Voted

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    JOKERCOLLISON commented

    I see his point, but you don't want to make it to easy. I like the fact it's a little rare. I made a zombie farm from one zombie spawner. I used water to turn them in to drown. After 5 minutes I had 15 tridents. You only need one with mending and it should never break. 

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    Samuel Novak commented

    Yes! I had the same idea.

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    Gametron 13 commented


    I thought they removed the ability for drowned Zombies to spawn with Tridents.

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    LlamaLeMan commented

    Makes sense I like it. Voted!

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    Thats a really good idea, you got a vote!

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    definitely needs to be a thing mojang get on it


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    Noracut commented

    Yeas good use of prismarine shards or crystals.

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    Lol I tried this thinking you were saying it is a current way of repairing a trident, I voted when I realised because I want it to be a feature!!

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    justinh o5 commented

    I think it’s a good idea but prismarine is too common to be used to repair 

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    Blast Burner commented

    I completely agree.

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    there should be a way to craft prismarine into 'rods' of sorts and use those for repair

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    Link Sword8 commented

    Think it should be a heart of the sea not prismarine they are to easy to get