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The Ability to convert Zombie Villagers to Drowned


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    First off, I agree that zombie villagers should be able to become drowned just like any other zombie.  I just disagree with your reasoning.

    The thing is, it's not really a choice.  It's a lot more efficient to do a farm based on natural drowned spawns than it is to set up a village breeder, turn those villagers into zombies, and then drown those zombies.  And if you're a Java player, the same thing that broke zombie spawner based drowned farms (converted zombies not gaining the drowned held items) would also apply to converted zombie villagers.  (I don't play Java, so I don't know if that change is still in effect or if it was only for a few snapshots)

    To me, the reasoning to do it is that zombie villagers are natural zombie spawns, and it would be strange if they just randomly didn't convert.

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    I really don't like this idea. Drowns are irreversible. I prefer to keep my Zombie Villsger farm in tact. I already hate the fact that Husks themselves turn into zombies and then into Drowned. I don't want another farm turning to trash because of an official update.

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    I agree with clayGoddessSari that it would be logical, after all they are zombies. Although it is a really exciting feature for dehydrated zombies to rehydrate then drown, what would stop a zombie villager from drowning? It is a very convenient to separate the two.

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    TheHeat233 commented

    I thank that zombie villagers shoud'nt becuse that doest'nt make sence



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    Kani Xbox commented

    It would be better if there was Drowned Zombie Villagers they're drowneds but with the shape of a villager it would make more sense. It would be cool if you can found them near (or in) underwater ruins, adding a lot to the Minecraft lore.

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    RoyalRex2 commented

    I would like zombie villagers to get their own variants, whether they are drowned or something else. I like how certain mobs change into others under certain circumstances, and it is a little sad that zombie villagers don't have this feature.