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Add all the mob heads and a different way to obtain them in survival.

under review


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    AATG21 commented

    They should be obtain by killing the mobs and have percent chance of dropping their head.

    Tropical fish=100% (since there are more than 3000 variants)
    Charged Creepers=80%(because of channeling)
    Ender Dragon=90%
    Turtle=100%(because if percent chance was lower it be turtle abuse)
    Dolphin=95%(because if percent chance was lower it be dolphin abuse and dolphins will also attack)
    Zombie Pigman=30%
    Zombie Villager=35%
    Wither Skeleton=15%
    You get the idea each mob will drop their head with a percent chance of dropping the head.

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    VortexFeri commented

    Dolphin: killed by Drowned with a trident
    Ocelot: blown by Normal Creeper
    Stray: killed by Polar Bear
    Polar Bear: killed by Stray
    Husk: found in 1 chunk out of 20 at the surface of the desert biome
    Guardian: 5% chance to drop if killed by player with a trident
    Turtle: killed by Husk (because turtles are found in oceans and beaches while husks are found in deserts)
    Cod, Salmon and Tropical fish: poisoned by pufferfish
    Horse: killed by a Headless Horseman (skeleton with a pumpkin head-just on Halloween)

    Witch: killed with splash potions

    Blaze: killed by water/water bottles

    Ghast: killed by sending the fireball back

    Pigman: killed by Ghast fireball

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    LightningWoof commented

    Yes this totally awesome and necessary for us users to have, even player heads if possible!

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    marijn colen commented

    Just download Xisumavoid's moremobheads at xisuamvoid.com/moremobheads easy as that

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    Dinorauria commented

    I'd rather have the mob heads be a rare drop, like maybe a less than 1% chance to actually get them, though that chance increases the more you kill that specific mob type. Make them feel like a special trophy instead of some random Easter egg drop for when one mob kills another. Besides, that already exists for music discs.

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    Bkid1290 commented

    I'm not sure if a turtle head is needed, as turtle shells are in the game. Some heads might also be too small to fit on the player.

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    ReasonedEel commented

    I just want mob heads on survival, I dont care what the drop rate is!

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    They really need to do this! If this went through it probably would expand more creative ideas within the game.

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    CocoEnBuisson commented

    Yes, we definitely need new heads in the game, but why not just use a charged creeper for all mobs ? It's the only way to get your head and I find it really great and of course all the heads was in the creative menu ^^ .

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    Maybe they could have a chance to drop when you kill the mob AND be obtained via a charged Creeper.

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    Blast Burner commented

    I've always wanted to have an Enderman head mainly because my skin is an albino Enderman.

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    reitracksdj commented

    This idea is implemented in Hermit Craft and I love it!

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    Player: killed by a creeper about to blow up when the player has full diamond armor and lightning strikes at that same moment so not only does it cause the player to already have lost health the creeper will be more powerful as well!

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    xavier pail commented

    Congrats dude, this is getting reviewed!

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    Sam Zech commented

    Keep the charged creeper, but add heads for all mobs and players

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    Joshua Hardin commented

    Hermitcraft server is using commands to get mob heads from mob deaths such as phantoms but this would be nice as an official all heads obtainable even like a 10% chance of drop at death or 5%

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    A wither should drop its head. I'll be like a trophy AND it'll make undead mobs (not zombie pigmen) scared of you because you defeated the undead boss mob.

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    i dont think that EVERY mob should drop it's head. I mean, do we really need a rabbit head?

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    or a weapon that works for that, like a scythe that has a chance to give you the head of the mob when you kill it
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    aquajet21 commented

    You wrote this on my b day

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    CHERIJObri commented

    HermitCraft right now uses a datapack (available on Xisumavoid's website that I am also using now on my family's server, and I find it a fascinating addition to use.  It gives fun hats to put on, neat decoration elements, etc. 

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    Eric Bambrick commented

    maybe when you put a zombie head in a furnace you get the steve head


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    Steve Crafter commented

    This would be so useful to make maps and such

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    i would like to obtain my head if i was killed by the ender Dragon, or if i was killed at all.

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    I agree

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    maybe a special enchantment for swords/axes wich gives the weapon a small change to drop the mobs head

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    FlyDazzledad commented

    i think that you should obtain mob heads by killing them any way.

    its just they have different percentidges of dropping there heads

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    FlyDazzledad commented

    on hermitcraft they have a custom datapack wich is good and all, its just i play on bedrock addtion and that doesnt work for me 

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    normy Haddad commented

    We have dragon heads, how about wither boss heads? (drops along with a nether star)