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New /death effect true command


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    Thbosboii93 commented




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    I like that idea. Though I think some players would take it too far and do something bad. It is a good idea though.

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    I think it is an amazing idea. It could be like, /death effect
    The effects could be on a website, or on the /help.

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    You can do the same thing with the scoreboard command and everyone wants because you can do a lot more than just that

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    tryashtar ⁣ commented

    Hello, good idea, but you can already do this! Try these commands:

    /scoreboard objectives add deaths deathCount
    /tp @a[scores={deaths=1..}] 12 46 78
    /scoreboard players set @a[scores={deaths=1..}] deaths 0

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    Ahmad543210 commented

    Good idea

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    MuffinMaker28 commented

    The thing is tryashtar that that’s just such a large time consuming thing that has to have the scoreboard to oporate

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    tryashtar ⁣ commented

    Time consuming? It's only three commands. The scoreboard doesn't provide any additional overhead and it functions exactly like the suggestion in this post.

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    Maybe they could make it so that on a war server primed TNT appears where a player dies!

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    BillCipherBro commented

    This can be done with a repeating command block with the command: /execute at @a[name=MuffinMaker28,nbt={Health:0.0f}] run tp MuffinMaker28 12 45 78

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    CosyHamster commented



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    Juan Felipe commented


    God, it would be an excellent idea!

    Of course it would add infinite possibilities to 'mapmaking'. Many maps execute commands when a player dies, but that screen of death is quite annoying, since it forces the creator to wait for the player to click on reappearing, and this could ruin many things.

    Mojang, please! I would say that it would not be very complex to implement, please for the future 1.14!

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    tryashtar commented

    Mapmakers can literally already do this, as has been mentioned. This would add zero possibilities to mapmaking

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    Hipposgrumm commented

    Quoting: tryashtar ⁣


    Not on PE.