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    brenn boyer commented

    wouldn't it be

    /kill <selector> <custom message>

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    Sadie Ivanovskis commented

    I agree with Brenn Boyer.
    It should be

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    brenn boyer commented


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    PoolloverNathan commented

    @brenn boyer more like:

    /cmkill <target:target> [ <CustomMessage:string> <root|capped> ]

    • root would use EXACTLY the message specified, allowing usage of #p for who was killed, and #e for who killed.
    • capped does what root does, but it caps with the #es.
      For example:
           ... #p  (typed message) #e ...

    but i agree

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    CosyHamster commented

    Brenn boyer is correct! It should be that too

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    Maximilian Schön commented

    brenn boyer is correct!

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    GiggyMicrosoft commented

    Why not just. /kill <selector> <custom message where @v is the victim and @k is the killer if there is one>

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    KNIZE1007 commented

    i was once blown by pufferfish...

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    Flamethrower612 commented

    Oh wait! I thought this was the /freeze command! Woops