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Another version of The CORE


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    You have a wonderful imagination, but as far as good gameplay is concerned, this idea is extremely poorly thought through. Just a few issues I can see:

    1) Your ideas about leather armor burning up, gold armor taking extra damage, and taking extra damage without a full suit of armor in this dimension are all totally unprecedented, and it isn't clear why this kind of behavior would be worth adding. (It also isn't super clear how they work.)

    2) The emerald pickaxe is not a good idea. Mojang probably wouldn't want anything in the game that can break bedrock. Emerald is also easier to find than diamond if you find a village, which makes for some weird progression.

    3) The main goal of your dimension, finding Firestone ore, is totally worthless because of the Fire Protection armor enchantment and the Fire Aspect weapon enchantment... not to mention a good old Fire Resistance potion.