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Fishing up despawned items


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    It's a clever idea, but not something I'd get excited about.  It seems like a lot of extra work to code and remember all the items that happened to despawn in that body of water just for a tiny bit of immersion.

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    noob1884 commented

    Uhm... Just… NO! .  From how I've seen people play on realms, I wouldn't want their despawned stuff!  I get chestloads of junk as it is /0\.


    Actually, I think someone has been tinkering with fishing over the last couple of updates o-o

    It used to be well balanced but now its a time hog.  Perhaps luck of the sea has been altered or bugged? maxed enchantments were operating like unenchanted / low enchanted. My observations were pre-aquatic and since the full aquatic release, lure now seems to work properly in that I can see a speed increase but I think I'm going to have to take it on a full test drive to check that the balance is actually restored.  Watch this space...

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    noob1884 commented

    Ok, so I'm half way through my less than scientific initial scan and there is definitely a change for the worst.  It seems as if some people can't add new items and resist the temptation to start 'tinkering' (ok, so its a team - or many teams - or just random individuals - or.... 'random segments of code...' 0.0 ). 

    Either way, the quality of treasure HAS decreased under luck of the sea while the junk appears to be around the same or slightly static across the levels.  One would expect higher levels of good high level treasure associated higher luck of the sea and lower levels (and more junk) at lower levels to no luck of the sea.

    My initial worry on the lure rate seems unfounded.  I'll post back if any change.  

    I'll be sampling for a little while longer and do another big session somewhere along the way.   I'll post my observations here.

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    leondsl commented

    Throwing sugar into a river should - for example - dissolve it, and fish would be set free again - is this what you mean? I agree. I even would go so far to remove it from the inventory once you take a dive, if it wasn´t put into a safe container (ender chest/ shulker box ...

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    CycloneDusk commented

    Okay, so, on the one hand, finding the diamonds that accidentally fell into the lava would be grand. On the other hand.... the stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks of cobble, dirt, gravel, and other mining runoff would be intolerable. Or the stone hoes and pickaxes people throw away because they've moved on to iron or diamond... it would kind of destroy the joy of fishing. I'm afraid I just can't get on board with this one...