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    WolveReigner781 commented

    Kind of the idea is to keep golems from being too strong, or that would make them a cheaty way to defend against mobs.  These suggested behaviors for the mob are a little too advanced for this game and make it differ too much from the other mobs.  There's not too much point in a golem's instinct to jump over a hole, when it is resistant to fall damage.

    And when the player builds a golem, it is essentially tame already.  The flowers could be used to command him or whatever.  And how exactly would the "sitting on bed" behavior work?  If you're right-clicking the golem with a bed in your hand, does the bed leave your hand and place down on a random block?  That could be a hard, glitchy-looking feature to control.

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    InfiniteAura392 commented

    I fully agree with WolveReigner781

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    CaptainCayus commented

    Should be able to give tamed golem weapons as well. This would be clutch for pvp. I also thought it would be nice if you could do something similar with a certan type of villager. Mercenaries you can pay to become an armed and armourd companion. 


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