How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs!

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    WolveReigner781 commented

    Please keep your ideas separated and more orderly for peoples' preference of one idea or the other.  You can still post links of ideas related to either idea.

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    Mark Abernathy commented

    Orcas and Rays are amazing creatures that would be awesome to have in Minecraft.

    Please note, riding an Orca would likely not be implemented.  Riding dolphins is not allowed in Minecraft because these wild animals don't necessary enjoy it, and is often seen as a byproduct of their capture and confinement.  This is different from Horses that have become domesticated creatures and show signs they like being ridden provided they have humans who take care of them.

    I do like your suggestions though.  Great creativity.  I love petting rays at the aquarium.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Minecraft doesn’t include all the animals that exist in real life.  It only has a select few.  Orcas and manta rays are too obscure to be included in Minecraft.  If Minecraft gets too many animals, it would be too confusing.  I like it that Minecraft is simple and consistent.

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    TheDopeyPotato commented

    I don't want orcas! I want killer whales!

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    RiptideDolphin commented

    Same thing, @TheDopeyPotato

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    Silver4Raven commented

    Orcas are killer whales. @TheDopeyPotato @RiptideDolphin

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    MagicDiamond40 commented

    rays but no orcas

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    Blast Burner commented

    I want to see the oversized dolphins be added in game!

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    TechnoOrcaLover commented

    If you add in orcas, you could use it as an opportunity to teach people about them (kind of like with parrots being poisoned by cookies). You can make orcas curious and play with characters, not attack them, because too many people think that orcas are viciouse creatures that will kill them. Only captive orcas have been known to purposely attack humans and their have been been no know deaths due to orcas in the wild and only a few accidents, all of which can be understood as not on purpose. They are just a playful and actually nicer to eachother and humans than other dolphins.

    My point is, you could do something good for the animals in real life by adding them in the game. 👍🏽😀

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    Happy Saxena commented

    And allowing Orcas to play and interact with dolphins!

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    PrincessTycie commented

    Orcas are my favorite animal, I would love to see them in minecraft. I would suggest they be larger than dolphins and swim only in deeper ocean and are rare, traveling in small groups, each ocean only having one or two groups depending on the biome size

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    William Rey commented

    Orca and Manta Rays are great ideas! And I'd love to ride Orcas! They're both such cool majestic animals. Orcas are super intelligent too. Love it.

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    Kathy Ou commented

    TheDopeypotato, and riptidedolphin, orcas ARE killer whales ;)

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    hufflepuffsun98 commented

    I absolutely adore the idea of having Orcas! I don't think we should be able to ride them though as they are wild animals. Maybe they could be found in the colder biomes or in deep oceans and swim in family pods. They could eat fish and seals, and they could be like wolfs were they don't bother you or mind you, until you attack them.  

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    LordGarmadon999 commented

    i like supporting ideas,  

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