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Folders to sort your worlds in!


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    Sure, why not. Have a vote.

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    BB6amer commented

    Perfect for backups of a world you've spent years on and make an update on every month, to find out how many worlds you REALLY have! Drag and drop would be better tho! Have a vote!

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    This would be so cool! I need this!

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    MinerB4 commented

    Really useful for Realms Worlds! In fact automatically generate a folder for the worlds to reside in named after the realm so you can just hop straight into your Realms world playlist! Maybe have an Indent and + "folder name" name with a plus button so you can open a folder like:

           - Folder

          |-   World 1

          |-   World 2

          |-   World 3




          + Folder

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    Absolutely Genius!! Definitely needed in the game! Voted!!!!!