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Logs are too easy to accidentally strip of bark


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    There are a lot worse things that griefers can do, and if you accidentally do it yourself you're probably going to accidentally click one log every once in a while.  One log every once in a while isn't the end of the world to replace.

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    I'm having a difficult time agreeing with you here. Couldn't a griefer do way worse than just strip bark off logs? How about blowing up your house, or stealing your items, or stuffing your place full of obsidian?

    I guess I'm having difficulty understanding the precise context in which this mechanic would be problematic.

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    It is true that a griefer could do much worse. Though the bark stripping I feel is a bit too easy with too little cost, and irreversible. It also has much more potential to be done on accident, just by clicking a single button. Which, come to think of it, is a bit more of a concern about than greifers.

    Whereas TNT must be very deliberate, and even if it explodes, the items can mostly be picked up and replaced.

    Basically my point is that it's a bit too easy, though I would settle for a means to turn stripped logs back into regular logs somehow, though it doesn't make much sense.

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    The one change I'd agree with is making it to where you have to shift+right click to strip logs, just so that it's much harder to accidentally ruin your own house. But that's all I'd be okay with, I think, given that stripping a log is kind of an irreversible process irl.

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    A shift-right-click option would be perfect for PC, but there is no such thing for mobile.

    Thinking about it, I kind of would support changing the stripped logs to a crafting recipe with an axe rather than an in world recipe.  The only input options for mobile are tap (which strips logs, which makes it very very easy to accidentally strip logs) and hold down to break.

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    Yeah, shift+clicking might be a better option for Java than a recipe. Though a recipe would still be a doable option.

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    tryashtar ⁣ commented

    What if you had to hold right click for a moment? Just like you hold left click for a small time to break the block -- it would play a brief animation before the bark was removed.

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    Holding down right click could also work.

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    frawddigger commented

    or requiring multiple hits to the log to strip it (4?)

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    Mc Rat commented

    I'm in favor of having to hold down the right-click

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    ConcertedSea1 commented

    You could possibly make it require multiple right clicks, but have no cooldown on them, so if you know you want to strip a log you click really fast and get through 8 or so clicks in no time.


    Either that or a bark item dropping that we could craft with stripped logs to get normal logs back would be nice. (the bark could also maybe be fuel or maybe work like carpet and can be placed down on top of other blocks)

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    Shift clicking would be annoying for players like me, who are constantly shifting on the edges of blocks to place things in awkward positions. As for holding right click, it could work but it would be annoying when you actually want to strip logs. How about using shears instead of an axe? Or maybe even flint?


    Sorry if it's against the rules to necro-post - I'm kinda new-ish here.

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    CapnDrakeLad commented

    I see what you're getting at, and I agree with making the process a bit harder to do by accident. After reading a few comments, I'd like future commenters to know that not all griefers want absolute destruction. They have the potential, yes, but it is more fun sometimes for a griefer to slowly drive their victim crazy with constant minor repairs to their house every time they log on to a multiplayer world. Griefers aren't cool, similar things to this have happened to me.

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    GTB PR00 commented

    I honestly wouldnt mine it be switched to the shears, it would add another use for shears other then "silk touch" for leaves/grass decorative blocks, can still be automated via a dispenser shearing the block in the world with you simply breaking the block/ moving it with pistons. or just make it be reversable (I would make a datapack but since I mostly play on a server I dont have access to adding datapacks at will). its not like the shovel and pathblocks that you just need to break with your fist and place it back down.