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Copy and paste text and commands


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    YES.  When I have a command I want to use over and over I end up typing it in my notepad and then getting it into my paste buffer.  But it would be so nice if I could type it first in Minecraft and copy it to keep pasting.

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    PCScreen commented

    You can press up on the d-pad/arrow keys and it'll bring up the last command you used

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    Could you show me where I can find this d-pad or arrow keys?  This is the interface I have to work with.

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    The d-pad or arrow keys, are referring to the built in buttons on the console controller (d-pad), and the keyboard, (arrow keys).

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    alexboy1256 commented

    you already can [personal attack removed ~ admin] ctrl+a ,ctrl+c, ctrl+v

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    Netwin commented

    @alexboy1256, as you seem to be able to do it, can you please help me out? I am on console (Xbox) and have opened a command block and have entered a command. Now I want to select that command with ctrl+a, then copy it with ctrl+c, and then open another command block, go to the input field and paste it with ctrl+v. Is this what you are suggesting? I so want to be able to do that! This is how it went when I tried. The first problem I had was that I could not find the ctrl key on the virtual keyboard so I connected an Xbox One chatpad (from Microsoft) to my controller and tried to enter ctrl+a with that. I also couldn't find the ctrl key on the chatpad.😂 I then connected a normal wired USB keyboard to my Xbox. That keyboard has a ctrl-key. (So I can enter ctrl+a, but I would like to do that with my controller and the virtual keyboard or with the chatpad as a normal keyboard is less comfortable when playing on the couch). When I now press ctrl+a nothing gets selected. I tried entering text with the USB keyboard and that works but ctrl+a doesn't do anything.😢  Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong? Or is that a bug? (I am not in the beta). If you (or anyone else) can help me out, thank you so much in advance!!! And otherwise I really hope an easy way to copy and paste text on Xbox will be added.😊

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    Slimi Rainbow commented

    And in the signs

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    We need this