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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Redstone Armor


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    So, a great way to break the redstone contraptions of the people you wanted to visit since some redstone machines are finicky and if you activate the lines out of order they will break.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    That's why in maps or complex contraptions a sign says "Stand Here"

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    Sorry mate, but this is just not a good idea at all. In addition to all the practical problems ClayGoddessSari mentioned, it sounds really hard to code. You'd have to change the game to where all redstone components would have to be constantly checking for a player wearing redstone armor within a certain radius. Even if that's possible to code in, which it probably isn't, it likely would have severe negative effects on our computers' performances.

    It also demonstrates a very elementary knowledge of how redstone works on your part, I think. Many redstone circuits depend on having some parts powered at some times and other parts unpowered at other times. This idea would help no-one.


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    So your purpose is to have a very special way of activating redstone without touching anything.  The only issue is everything that isn't very specially designed to work with it and doesn't happen to be extremely robust by nature is just going to break the moment you walk close...

    Your purpose sounds pretty cool, honestly.  The issue is it would also be adored by griefers who would just walk around the base of someone who loves redstone contraptions and wreck them all.

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    Redstone armor could do something else.  I made a post similar to this on the old website.

    There could be armor and weapons that are really made of iron and redstone dust, making them iron armor/weapons with redstone veins in them. When right-clicked or when shielding damage, they will use any extra redstone dust in the player's inventory to increase their own durability/power/toughness.  Without any redstone fuel in the inventory however, the armor and weapons in use will act like a weaker variant of iron armor.

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    CrazyChick475 commented

    Awesome!! This would be a great mod, but it has a few flaws

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    AKAMIKAZEL commented

    this would break redstone machines so much. but, a fun idea too.