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Nuclear power


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    This would be far too technologically advanced to suit Minecraft. Also, what in Minecraft would you be powering that's of any use? A furnace? It's not clear what the use of your idea is.... We don't have uranium in the vanilla game. Finally, nuclear power is probably too controversial a topic for Mojang to want to make a statement on like this. This idea is just not going to happen.

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    Scuidward commented
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    this would require to have a completely different electricity system in minecraft. as of now, a simple redstone torch creates infinite power, so there's no need to have any generators. I would hate a finite energy system in minecraft, so unless i'm misunderstanding you, i don't like this idea.

    (could be a pretty very cool mod though, i just don't see it in vanilla minecraft)

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    Must have nukes and nuclear meltdowns

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    I like this idea of power for building stuff like a city or a bunker or anything cool. like I'm building a city and needs light so I make a place to provide power to the entire city 

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    CycloneDusk commented
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    Nuclear power is something of which, as a general rule in life overall, I am greatly in favor...

    But in Minecraft? Well, okay let me get into my thought process with you.

    We gotta talk about What Nuclear Materials DO: They make heat. Lots of it. You may as well call it magic. If you described a magical material that makes a TON OF HEAT ALL THE TIME and also destroys molecular bonds of stuff close to it, a scientist would say "Oh, so it's radioactive!" First and foremost, above and beyond every other aspect of what radiation is and what it does, this is the most readily apparent, useful, and actionable immediate effect.

    What does heat DO for us, in Minecraft?

    * Cooks food,
    * Smelts ores,
    * Bakes clay,
    * Melts iron/gold stuff into nuggets,
    * Vitrifies sand to Glass

    In Real Life, heat is used to cook, smelt, glaze, melt, and bake as well, THEN make electricity. Power plants (Coal, Oil, and Gas etc) are all just big'ol Steam Engines that boil water, making high pressure steam ready to spray out very hard through turbines, thus spinning them, moving magnets through coils of wire, which is what generates electric current.

    Before we can apply the heat of nuclear power toward making electricity, there must first be an infrastructure for using HEAT ITSELF that way. And as it stands, Minecraft doesn't seem to have a need for a mechanic like electricity; It would render EVERYTHING in the game presently redundant. Mods do it better.

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    GirlyCraft12 commented
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    Nuclear power is too advanced to have in Minecraft, as Minecraft's technology is more at the Middle Ages stage. And besides, there is a lot of controversy over nuclear power.


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    robux kid1 commented
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    I love this idea I want Minecraft to add power storage devices and solar power and lights.

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    I am in favor of a kind of nuclear fuel for furnaces or so, that lasts very long but is very rare, and needs to be constantly used for cooking and smelting, otherwise it would create fire around it or even explode.

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    Elitronic3401 commented
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    I love the idea but maybe think of how to use that energy. Also, because Minecraft isn’t very technologically advanced I think you would need to call it a fuel source or some sort of magical crystal that powers new blocks that match Minecraft styles. Good idea but I don’t think I can see it happening in Vanilla Minecraft.