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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Please see: 


    "You can use Data Driven Spawning to control which mobs spawn in your worlds"

    We're super excited about these updates and look forward to seeing further discussion on this idea here. 

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    ClayGoddessSari commented

    That would be awesome.  Make the experience more customizeable.

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    WolveReigner781 commented

    BIG YES.  Not that this has been a real problem for me, but adding something like this would really help people on flat worlds who don't want slimes hopping all over the place and their builds.

    doMobSpawning Slime false

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    Robin Rogge commented

    Great idea, I approve!

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    PowerSilver3400 commented

    Yassss im dethly afraid 😱 of endermen 

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    urbeatle commented

    Instead of a gamerule, why not a new tag for datapacks: mobs_spawn_allowed

    Of course, you would also need a mobs subfolder in the tags folder. But that opens the door for a little more flexibility. You could have a mobs_spawn_always tag, which would override the doMobSpawning gamerule (in other words, never turn of spawning for that kind of mob.) Or tags to select which mobs spawn in a given biome (mobs_desert) or on the surface (mobs_surface).

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    Scuidward commented

    this already possible, but only through command blocks. you could make a repeating command block that teleports the entity to the void. for example, in a repeating command block, type /tp @e[type=Creeper] 0 -1000 0.

    P.S. I'm not saying this is a bad idea, just giving a temporary solution. this would require the command block to stay in the spawn chunk at all times, which certainly isn't ideal.

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    EmburrGamer commented

    I very much agree with you. Being a peaceful mode person, I feel like I'm cheating sometimes. I also don't like peaceful mode sometimes because I can't get certain items. With the 1.14 update, it gives me another structure to avoid and more reasons to be in peaceful mode.

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    tomaszoldachowski commented

    This idea would be perfect for adventure maps if you want players to fight some mobs but you don't want creepers to destroy your map.

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    HeliusEagleclaw commented

    Want to agree with that Idea, I have ENOUGH of that phantom, currently I need to return back in 1.5.2 to play tranquilly without it. It will be a great improvement for minecraft imho. I need to disable phantoms and drowned.

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    Kadi Lett commented