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Bedrock players should be able to get Java Edition for free!


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    I'm not sure they would do this.  I suspect they set up the free bedrock account for java players thing because they want to encourage the java players to switch to bedrock.

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    RobotZap10000 commented

    Developers don't read this. inkycatz does

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    Java Dragon commented

    Just make the Java Edition cost less for bedrock players. 

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    I like the idea

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    John Anderson commented

    Pretty sure java players got bedrock edition because java players were promised all future versions of minecraft for free with their purchase on the original minecraft website. If their goal is to phase out java, they would catch a lot of flack for doubling back on their promise. At least this way they can say they kinda kept their word

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    avnixmail commented

    1. Minecraft Java is much more expensive than Minecraft Bedrock; this would be giving the player a $27 product for free whereas the current redeeming system only gives the player a $10 product for free.

    2. Java Edition accounts no longer come with a code to get a free copy of the Windows 10 version. This was a limited-time thing for existing players of the game.

    3. If your friend wanted both versions, why didn't he/she buy Java Edition and then redeem the code for a free copy of Windows 10 Edition?

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    They removed the Java => Wins10 free thing now so now this suggestion doesn't habe that much support anymore

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    Yes, they have removed the free Windows 10 version "event" for MC Java users,


    if they had MC Java during the "event", they still have the code, they can still redeem the code as i just redeemed the code for the free Windows 10 version today because i had the java version during the "event".

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    Pritter30 commented

    I'm an bedrock player and i wanted to get java so i could play with friends but i don't want to pay 23 euro's for minecraft again

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    StiekemeHenk commented

    If you had a Java edition account, you got Bedrock for free when it came out.

    This was mainly to promote the upgrading to Windows 10.

    This was also done because Bedrock was and is planned to be the "Minecraft" version that is "just Minecraft".

    They even renamed Java Edition to Minecraft: Java Edition.

    We paid for Minecraft, we didn't get to choose versions, you can.

    If you really like the game, just buy it again, support Mojang.


    PS: Java is better than Bedrock. (Although Bedrock runs better. ;-;)

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    I am in support of Henrik's idea. Having a $7-10 off coupon for the version you don't already own could be beneficial to players who want both versions but do not want to pay $47 in order to get both. Free might be a bit much to ask.

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    ClawedKillAll commented

    i am dying to get java because when i cam from 360 to one i no longer understand redstone my favorite part of this game so pls make that possible.

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    This wouldn't work because pocket edition costs what, 10 bucks and java costs around 30. So you would just be getting something that costs 40 bucks for 10 bucks.

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    Vince R commented

    I don't believe this will happen because they give Java edition players a free copy of bedrock so the Java players would switch to bedrock. Why? You may ask. Well, it's because the bedrock edition is easier to develop.

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    RayloveZxZ commented

    Esperemos que suceda, sería Genial!!

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    Sangheili11 commented

    back then the bedrock version was a slot smaller it was the same as the phone which was missing even used other items like the stone cutter for stone and a Nether Reactor Core which spawned mobs.

    also we paid $26.95 vs you paying $7 or $8 unless you bough window after sale

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    ColdPotato97 commented

    I feel like they should do a limited time offer for bedrock users to get at least 50% off Java full price. And only bedrock users get the offer because we've been waiting for too long

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    Siyan Zuhayer commented

    This is pretty epic

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    i boght minecraft on 3 divises i should get 1 free

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    Cole Hammond commented

    No, first of all java edition cost more
    Second of all it's a much bigger game.

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    Only the mobile version of bedrock edition costs around 10$, the win 10 edition costs the same as the java edition on the microsoft store, maybe even more and I think that's the version they're talking about

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    @ClayGoddessSari I understand that you might think that, but Helen confirmed that both versions will continue and that bedrock will not replace java edition.