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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways" slabs.


Making Sand Renewable: 2 Solutions


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    I absolutely support sand being a renewable resource.

    One option for this has been suggested in another thread where MacchuPicchu has suggested a revival of the forgotten stonecutter with new uses for it.  One of them is the ability to "cut" cobblestone into gravel and gravel into sand:



    I personally prefer this to either of the options you gave.  The husk method is intriguing, but I imagine you would need a pretty large mob farm for a relatively small yield of sand, especially since it's a block that you can absolutely chew through.  This would be even worse for bedrock players, who have very limiting spawning mechanics.

    I'm not sure what you are actually proposing for the TNT one.  Is this a crafting recipe or a in the world recipe?  And if the latter, wouldn't it turn all TNT powered cobbletone farms into sand farms?

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    karl smink commented
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    Noel Gordon commented
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    I was just going to suggest that husks should be a source of sand when I saw this thread. I also like your idea about the cobble and TNT as well. Honestly how it is done is less important to me.

    The bottom line is I think that sand really should be a renewable resource. Like you mentioned, there is glass, sandstone, and concrete that it is required for, but my biggest issue is TNT. Currently TNT is the only method of automatically breaking blocks (unless someone has figured out how to harness endermen, lol). This makes it essential for many truly automatic farms. I often avoid making TNT entirely, not only because it is resource intensive, but the resources are also lost permanently. And I really don't like destroying my deserts.

    I think there are many methods to make it renewable without making it broken and still keeping with the current feel of Minecraft. The husk idea is a really good way to start because it would make sand production very slow while still making it theoretically infinite. A crafting method would be much more productive, while not allowing the process to be automated.

    I think another method, and my favorite, might involve the new grindstone. Possibly a cobble in each slot could make a sand. (Or if you wanted to include gravel, 2 cobbles into 1 gravel and 2 gravel into 1 sand). This method could also potentially be automated in the future if hoppers could interact with the grindstone (maybe similar to the mechanics of a furnace). A timer would also probably need be added to the grindstone in this case (also like a furnace).

    Anyway, maybe the grindstone idea would be too big of a change, but I think one of the other methods at least would be a great addition. Please make sand renewable :)


    EDIT: I realized that I totally over looked creepers and withers as a means of breaking blocks (oops, face-palm). But this still doesn't change my overall opinion as I find these a little unreliable (even though these are probably decent methods).

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    ClockworkHX commented
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    You can already use red sand for most of this stuff, which is renewable.

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    Alabar3000 commented
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    Id prefer this to exist, but not through crafting, but use of explosives.


    Right now Stone exploded crumbles into cobblestone

    What I propose is that cobblestone exploded turns to gravel and gravel exploded turns to sand.

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    Camcamcam753 commented
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    In my opinion sand should be renewable through erosion. If a bubble column is below a sandstone block, a falling sand entity is created. It can be mined or pushed onto a torch to be automated.