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Beach villagers (was: New type of villages.)

under review


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    I don't personally think that the villages should look like resorts but I agree all if not most biomes should have villages

    Also I think that the different villages should have small differences like snow villages having igloos not houses.

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    Raketcom64max commented

    My idea on the resorts on Bora Bora look like this: https://boraboraphotos.com

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    AHelmi Gamerz commented

    Add jungle village...the village structure more looks like treehouse

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    I love the ideo and want them in my world


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    Not sold on the resort or biom specific professions, However, the idea of a coastal village set on beaches and islands definitely has its appeal.

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    Evan Orizam commented

    Excellent idea!

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    It wouldn't be difficult to do. Villages already spawn on water and on beaches.

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    XXXCOOLXXX71 commented

    yes that would be a good idea and the villages could be stilt houses over water while their roofs can be made of palm leaves (another small idea would be to add palm trees and make the planks a coconut white color).


    p.s (don't mind the name I made this when I was very little)

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    Traditional Hawai Style

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    Tbonesteak64 commented

    Love this idea!!!!!!!

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    Iike it's the coolest thing ever!


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    HD 85512 B commented

    I think beach villages should look polynesian style in nature

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    Blast Burner commented

    Darn, I was gonna suggest this. Well glad it's out there longer. +1 Vote

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    Damian Garb commented

    Very good idea!

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    mherrema2016 commented

    When I first read this, I imagined a villager in a speedo. Dear god...
    In all seriousness though, I think it's a good idea.