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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Meteors and Space related items and ores


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    How does the Spatorium items compare to what we already have in the game?

    The one thing I don't particularly like about this idea is the fact that the meteors come crashing down.  It would really only make sense for them to damage whatever they land on, and then what happens when it lands on your build?  Or even worse, a delicate redstone contraption?

    There is a mod that adds meteors, and I prefer how it does it.  They don't appear over time, they are formations that you discover.  That way it encourages exploration and you don't risk them damaging anything after the fact.

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    Thats why that odds are so low and plus in world settings there perhaps could be a way to deactivate the event if so desired, like how you can turn off mobs.

    Spatorium`s stregnth is in between iron and diamonds.

    And lastly not all players can get mods especially those who play on consoles. 

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    I'm not suggesting it be a mod or that people just install a mod.  I'm suggesting these meteors generate in the world instead of being an event.  I'm sorry I didn't make that clearer.

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    @ClayGoddessSari No my apologies, I just thought it would be cool for event to take place.

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    I agree that in theory the event would be awesome.  I'm just thinking of people now having to design their builds to protect against lighting strikes AND meteors. xP  Plus any new structure that encourages exploring is a plus.

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    LlamaLeMan commented

    This would be awesome and sounds like it'd be interesting. Voted!

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    M G commented

    If you don't want meteors falling on your buildings or ruining redstone structures, just configure meteors to not fall within blocks of a player's spawn point or current position.

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    SprungRuby1 commented

    Speaking of Space Ores, why not make Celestial Steel? Iron plus Space Ore. Maybe make the armor as good as, if not better than Diamond armor. Just without the heat resistance that Diamond Armor has?

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    ItalianLizard commented

    Expanding on your idea it'll be awesome if there was a way to build on the moon using some kind of portal or NPC to talk to

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    gmagma20 commented

    Make a rocket ship so you can travel to space and create a space station and travel to the moon and get fuel and moonshine stone witch is a ore you find on the moon witch is made of moonstone witch is black stone and moon rock which is gray. Moonshine ore takes a dimond pikaxe and needs to be smelted then crafted into a moon sword (19-23 damage and 10,000 deribilety) or any other tool with same deribility and 10 milliseconds mine speed and 5 damage then the armour has 10,000 deribility with protection 1 when crafted but the boots have feather falling 3 all the tools and armour are white. Please make this a update minecraft is getting boring without a giant update.

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    As there are no downvotes, I'm writing this comment. I agree with the comments above saying that we need no events that can destroy stuff.

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    Evan Garibay commented

    Meteorite amour and tools!!! I love this idea and meteor mobs

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    GamerCat371 commented

    @gmagma20 Yeah but rocket ships would basically ruin minecrafts gameplay... It'll be too modern and stuff.... I guess giant ridable rockets would be nice but idk lol

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    chalamb commented

    Its a good idea but i think it should make a crater



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    kelen55 commented

    Maybe whenever a meteor lands the compass gets messed up and points toward the meteor instead of the spawn point.

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    Vagitarian753 commented

    I like where this idea is headed, although I think instead of just adding new space ores and blocks from space to the main world why not add a new space biome. It could be like another dimension where you build a portal and you go into space. New alien or robot mobs could be added. Tons of space themed blocks and items could be added.

    And to add to the meteorite idea, I think it should be generated into the world and you go and explore to find them. It would be a sphere structure partially in the ground. You break your way inside and there is a mob of some kind maybe an alien and a cluster of a material you would have to go to space in order to get it otherwise. Idk just some thoughts.

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    In order to link this with existing content, why not make as if the End was the space dimension of the game? Meteors could be made of End stone… and the new ore would be found in the End.