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Solar/lunar eclipse


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    Please keep suggestions focused on a single idea per post. There are really interesting suggestions here, but they really belong in their own posts. https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360003401232-Posting-Guidelines

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    JeSuisEspanya commented

    every few days is too common in my opinion, should be more realistic like 1/100 or 1/200 minecraft days at least

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    frawddigger commented

    A solar eclipse would require the sun and the moon to travel at different speeds in the sky. Currently they travel at exactly the same speed and are exactly opposite in the sky, so a solar eclipse is impossible.

    That said, it would be cool to have the sun and the moon travel at different speeds (very slight) and that on rare occasions the moon actually moves in front of the sun causing a solar eclipse. Special mobs could appear on these days, or special magical effects happen.

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    KinectFun commented

    I agree that it can’t be this often and I think the monsters could be a bit too difficult to defeat although it does sound like a cool idea

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    phantoms would spawn and be stronger

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    MoreorLessio commented

    Good idea, but this sounds like just a cool mod...

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    angusthebear0 commented

    so sooomething like the Red Sun and Lunar Moon?

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    TheSmoketrain commented

    This would be cool because you could have the clock in an item frame send a redstone pulse if an eclipse happends


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    wowiamaking commented

    Good idea

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    ezzedine12 commented

    every few days is too common , make it happen that there is like 3% chance of it happening 

    so every 100 days , 3 days of those have a lunar / solar eclipse


    make this completely cosmetic, make it so it does not affect the game by any chance

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    Traffling commented

    I like the idea but the guardians shouldn't be too hard  to beat  I mean, what would happen if someone only had an iron sword and a solar/lunar eclipse happened?

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    I think the idea is good but you had a few too many requests. Just having solar/lunar eclipses would still be pretty cool.

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    Nope Dot commented

    how about it depends on the moon phases?

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    Cubeworm commented

    So, like Terraria?

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    Yes. Good idea. Do it mojang.