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Scoreboard and player input detection


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    Yes, for example when you do detect on player input for WASD you have to let the player move a bit and detect the movement, this makes the screen vary jittery when you need to keep the player in one spot for minigames, or very difficult and expensive to detect for in an open world for vanilla moding. Allowing for detection of inputs already handled by the server would allow for most things asked for regarding "custom keys" without adding data needing to be sent between client and server? You could do combo moves and a lot more cool stuff with items and all the things with that, essentially exponentially add possibilities for litteraly all the things already possible with commands, as quick and easy player input is a big bottleneck right now. Its either limited in scope, like the carrot on a stick example, limited in time, like chest manegement/buttons interface, and so on... and all are usually, indeed, very expensive and cumbersome, limeting what you can do with them in a full game setting~