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Console mods/Mods on Console

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    We're going to keep this civil and constructive, or we're going to lock the thread. It's pretty simple. 

    And on topic.

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    sninjago commented
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    Mods are not controlled by Mojang, you install a 3rd party installer (like forge)

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    Dinorauria commented
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    Lets face the facts, Microsoft would never allow an official Minecraft mod API.

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    I know it’s hard to do but Minecraft would be so much better. New ways to play and things to do. Definitely increase amount of players.

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    butterham7 commented
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    mods for console would be the best but it would need a mod menu like what they have now for maps and stuff but for different mod i think it would be a big thing

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    I am think the PS4 should have mods.

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    Mr.M Original commented
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    You mean add-ons?

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    Heltodemon commented
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    I agree with you on mods. Minecraft should have a mod menu kind of like bestheda does. People who create the mods have to sign an agreement to keep the mods family friendly. I think. Microsoft could do it.


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    there are already ways to get mods just takes a bit of practice and 3rd party apps, Dakonblackrose on youtube has tutorials on the steps and process of how to install skins, mods, and worlds without a computer or USB.

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    Mania NATION commented
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    I would love that. I'm looking forward to playing Tango Tek's villager upgrade mod when it is released. They should make a way to get mods from java and other versions to the console edition, so we can play Java etc mods. Also, Mojang should make a console app that allows console players to make mods for Minecraft PS4, XBox etc. It would allow people to easily make them (even if they haven't done it before) and add it to your game. Hope Mojang adds this idea too :) 

    Also, others have been saying "Mojang doesn't control mods. You install another 3rd party installer....blah blah blah" (and no offence people who comment that. I'm sorry :D). Well, that doesn't mean Mojang and 4J can't make it happen somehow. And sninjago, Forge isn't for consoles, it's for java/windows 10 (computer versions like that).

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    CocoEnBuisson commented
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    I'm on PS4 and I wait some mods :/

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    RSRedstonier commented
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    Minecraft has somewhat of a communistic relationship with mods(Not trying to hate on minecraft). Minecraft would never give us an offical *unrestricted* modding api like forge has. If its practial to add suport for, forge will add suport for it to their api. MC has already started moving in the direction of an enclosed modding api. AKA Adons, you can edit the game but only barley only the amount that MC wants you to.


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    angusthebear0 commented
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    Like they could add a selection of mods in the store every month

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    Blast Burner commented
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    I'm mean I like playing Minecraft Vanilla style but.... (major gasp for the drama) I would love to have Mods installed for Console. With all the new weapons, armor, tools, and mobs, OMG the mobs! Just seeing what other people created on console would change my gaming life forever(in Minecraft)! Mojang I hope you're taking notes my friendz!

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    xXLiitkingXx commented
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    Mods are cool but it would be better if mods we're on console please put mods on console please.


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    danfan8203 commented
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    If we got mods it will be a game like roblox but thats ok i will love to get mods mix them then create a mixer seris it will probably not get added but if evry one votes this they probably will add it


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    Jack Wright commented
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    Also you people realise that JAVA VERSION IS MADE IN JAVA AND BEDROCK VERSION IS MADE IN C++. Meaning that any mod in existance (pretty much, except for the terrible Pocket Editions mods...) will not EVER run on Bedrock. C++ is a completely different language to Java:
    Example - C++ Print Command - cout << "Hello World";

    Java Print Command - System.out.println("Hello World");

    (The ; (semicolons) are part of the programming language)

    You see the difference?