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Reset spawn point button on bed


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    This could also be solved by having two kinds of beds.  One is a bed that sets your spawn, the other is a sleeping bag, useful for sleeping the night away, but does not set your spawn.

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    Good idea. I think when you first sleep in a bed, you should automatically have the spawn set, and then any subsequent beds you sleep in will have the option available above the leave bed button saying "Set Spawn".

    If the bed you currently have set as spawn is broken, you will automatically have the spawn set.

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    Sheepherd XB commented
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    Nice idea but I completely agree that a sleeping bag block would be even better because it would be more user friendly and a sleeping bag would fit in well with the new campfire block.

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    Wh1rledPeas commented
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    I like the idea of a different item than a bed.  A sleeping bag?  A tent?  A lean-to?  Something to use while exploring.


    But...  What I would like is for the re-spawn point to be left at the location of that item until it is destructed and picked back up.  That way, if you're out exploring and you're spending some time in one area, attempting to do some things and you die, you'll re-spawn right there where your sleeping bag/tent/lean-to is.  Once you pick that item up, your re-spawn point should revert back to the last bed you slept in.

    So you could have a temporary re-spawn point, without losing your main re-spawn point at your base.