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Tribes and Tribe-men


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    a new weapon should be added just for them, I recommend a javelin because I feel like they should be proficient hunters. they are neutral but will respond to all kind of agression and attack. tribesmen should be wearing a variety of masks with unique patterns which can be a drop if you kill them and wearing the mask will make you one of them and will no longer respond to you attacking them in addition they will assist you in fighting hostile mobs if they see you being attacked other additional drops should bone accessories that can be crafted for vanity only this will make bones a precious item in the game, also tattoos, just like villagers with varying kind, tribesmen should also have this unique features and you will know it depending on the color of their tattoos, they should have a chief as well that you can challenge in a 1v1 combat, the chief will drop a sack bag with ores like gold, not to mention trading should be possible too.